Training Godly Expository Multipliers for Singapore & the World

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is G360 for?

G360 is for anyone who has the desire, godly character, and teaching gift necessary for Christian ministry (1 Tim 3:1-7). G360 is best done as a pre-theological college training although we have had several candidates join us post-college.


Is G360 just for men?

No, G360 is for both men and women.


What is the theological position of G360?

G360 is Reformed, conservative and complementarian. Our conviction is that God speaks through His word. G360 therefore focuses on rigorous training in the Bible.


Why not just train at theological college directly?

We believe that G360 gives the necessary ministry skills and theological foundation which would allow students to add depth to when they go on to theological college later. G360 also provides trainees with invaluable supervised hands on ministry practice where there is coaching and feedback so that they will be better equipped to understand the nuts and bolts of gospel ministry and their own strengths and weaknesses before they even enter college.


I have completed my theological education. Can I still do G360?

Yes. But you will have to go through our normal application process.


Why is G360 full-time?

Part of G360’s goal is to help trainees assess if they are suitable for a lifetime of Christian ministry. As such, it is best that their training involves full-time ministry so that they can experience and test out if the rigours of full-time ministry is for them. We also want G360 to involve input (training) and output (service, ministry) because this helps again to test out if someone is suitable for ministry and if they are growing in godliness. As such, G360 cannot be condensed into part-time modules that people take on a periodic basis.


Will I be paid on G360?

Yes. Typically trainees will raise 33% of their own funding, sending churches should provide 34%, and the Gospel Vision Fund will provide 33%.

For more information on the Gospel Vision Fund, click here.


Is there a certificate or diploma awarded after G360?

Participants will not receive formal certification from completing the course. G360 is however recognised as a trustworthy course by several gospel-centred churches locally and internationally.


Does G360 guarantee me a job after I complete it?

No. G360 is a training scheme. It does not come with any guarantees of employment when you finish.


How can I apply?

Please click here.