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G360 Trainers

Denesh Divyanathan

Denesh Divyanathan

Denesh Divyanathan is the Senior Pastor of The Crossing Church. By the grace of God the church has grown to about 1,000 people on Sundays in three congregations now from just 16 adults in 2009. As Senior Pastor Denesh sets the direction for the church, leads its preaching team, is involved in the church’s Gospel 360 training scheme, and serves regionally with the church’s various mission partners. Denesh is also the President of Project Timothy Singapore, the Chairman of the Evangelical Theological College of Asia, and is on the team of trainers for Leadership Resources International, a global partnership involved in equipping local pastors in expository preaching. Denesh trained for Christian ministry at Moore Theological College in Sydney (BTh) and did his Research Masters (ThM) at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. Prior to that he had read Economics (BSc Econs) at the London School of Economics. As an overseas scholar with Singapore Press Holdings, Denesh worked as a finance journalist with The Straits Times covering news related to macroeconomics as well as the electronics and telecommunications industries. Denesh is married to Deborah and they have three children.

Denesh equips G360 trainees in the areas of  Systematic Theology, Pastoral Ministry and Preaching.

Stuart Morgan

Stuart Morgan is a Pastor-Elder at The Crossing Church. Originally from the UK, he became a Christian while studying at University College London as he read the Bible with a friend and became convinced he was who Jesus said he was (a sinner) and Jesus was who He said He is (Lord and Saviour). He studied history there for almost eight years gaining his PhD in 2008, but after that devoted himself full time to telling other people His story. Stuart trained for Christian ministry as an Associate at St Helen’s Bishopsgate, London, before moving to Singapore to work for The Crossing Church in 2010. Then he moved to Sydney, where he studied at Moore Theological College (BTh), before returning to Singapore in 2015. Since then Stuart has been mainly involved in equipping G360 trainees and small group Bible study leaders. He also teaches Church History part time at Evangelical Theological College of Asia. He is married to Chew-Chern and they have two daughters. In his spare time he enjoys devouring TV series, running, squash and, very occasionally, watching Arsenal.

Stuart equips G360 trainees in the area of Bible handling.


Kenneth Lo

Kenneth Lo is the Families Pastor at The Crossing Church. He grew up with nominal Taoist and Roman Catholic influences. Hawking’s A Brief History of Time in the early 90s led Kenneth to embrace an atheistic faith. By God’s grace while studying engineering in Sydney, Kenneth came to faith in Christ. Shocked by how many years it took before he was shared the life-saving gospel, he decided to devote his life to serving the gospel. After quitting engineering, Kenneth trained with the Ministry Training Strategy at the University of New South Wales, and studied at Moore Theological College (BDiv). He then pastored an evening congregation at St. Mary’s Anglican Cathedral in Kuala Lumpur for six years before relocating to Singapore in 2017. He has been married to his wife and gospel partner Vivian since 2004 and they have two children. Kenneth’s interest in Biblical Counseling grew over the years in ministry as he responded to what are commonly regarded by churches as ‘difficult cases’ i.e. depression, suicide, addiction, marital breakdown, chronic illnesses and deaths.

Kenneth equips G360 trainees in the areas of  Family Ministry and Biblical Counselling.

Chris Prekop

Chris Prekop

Chris Prekop is a Pastor-Elder at The Crossing Church. He was brought up attending church and Sunday School but was mostly a “Sunday Christian”. He studied law at the University of Cambridge, having dreamed of being a high-flying lawyer. But at the same time he was hearing the Bible taught faithfully at church and Christian Union. He began to grasp the gospel and its implications for his life and slowly but surely his plans for the future started to change. He signed to be an Apprentice at his church, which was followed by two years as a Student Worker, teaching the Bible to undergraduates. After that came an opportunity to work for The Crossing Church, Singapore. Although he was initially hesitant, he was persuaded by the many opportunities for evangelism, discipleship and training gospel workers in Singapore and the wider region In 2013, he went back to the UK to receive formal training for ministry at Oak Hill Theological College (BA) before returning to serve at The Crossing Church in October 2016. Since returning, he has been involved in preaching, mentoring potential leaders and gospel workers, and training Bible Study leaders. Chris has had the joy of being married to Ting since September 2015.

Chris equips G360 trainees in the areas of Systematic Theology, Pastoral Ministry and Preaching.

Gabriel Tan

Gabriel Tan is the Families Pastor overseeing Kids & Youth in The Crossing Church. Gabriel (or Gabe for short) grew up going to church thinking that being a Christian was all about being a good moralistic nice guy (or girl). It was only in university when a friend read the Bible with him did he finally understand how the Bible is all about Jesus, and finally get how awesome God’s Gospel of Grace is – that it’s faith in Christ and his work that saves us from God’s righteous judgement, not our personal moral performance. Since discovering God’s glorious Gospel in the Bible, Gabe desires to show how the Bible points to Christ as faithfully, clearly and persuasively as possible, just as it was done for him.

After graduating from university, Gabe worked in a government statutory board and a bank before joining The Crossing Church’s G360 programme. He then went on to train to be a pastor at Queensland Theological College in Brisbane, Australia. Gabe is husband to April and father to two lovely children.

Gabriel equips G360 trainees in the area of Kids & Youth Ministry.