Training Godly Expository Multipliers for Singapore & the World

Gospel Vision Fund

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The Gospel Vision Fund (GVF) exists to boldly fund the training of next generation gospel workers for Singapore and the world. It is the GVF’s hope that no one the Lord raises for his harvest field will be deprived the funding necessary to train for the life-and-death work of Christian ministry.


How does the Gospel Vision Fund work?

Every profession that takes itself seriously involves rigorous training – and Christian ministry is no different. Gospel workers need to be able to understand and teach God’s word in context and connect it pastorally to people’s situation. They need to be equipped to teach God’s word in a variety of contexts: the pulpit, seminars, small groups, one-to-one discipleship etc. They need training in Christian leadership so that they can lead churches and Christian ministries, plant churches, and engage in cross-cultural mission. And they need to be able personal evangelists, wise counselors, and godly examples.

The GVF funds gospel workers for up to two years of pre-theological college training under the Gospel 360 Training Scheme (G360) followed by three years of theological study leading to a Masters of Divinity (or equivalent). G360 is a tried and tested two-year full time training scheme that aims to train up godly expository multipliers for God’s harvest field. Its training is rigorous, Bible-saturated, ministry-focused, gospel-shaped and practical. The GVF believes that a combination of G360 and formal theological education will produce the type of gospel workers our world desperately needs: People-oriented Bible expositors who can hold out God’s word of life to this world and build up the church.

The GVF is open to support from all Christians who share this vision.

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How can I contribute to the Gospel Vision Fund?

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